Oreo and I appreciate you visiting our part of the web. Here you’ll find commonly asked questions about Oreo and I, ways to support us and resources for those who are diagnosed with disabilities or other challenges in life.
Oreo and I both have disabilities, he’s missing his right foot and I’m totally blind from surviving cancer as an infant. Oreo lost his foot within an hour of being born do to an incubator accident. I rescued him from the breeder who wanted to kill him because she wasn’t going to be able to sell him. I was 13 when Oreo came into my life and it’s been amazing growing up with my best bro. For the last 18 years we’ve been supporting each other and living life to the fullest.
We love sharing our lives with you and we do this in several ways. You can check us out on tiktok, check out our blog posts, reddit and find us on You Tube.

Gifts and Donations

  • Oreo’s Amazon wish list,
  • If you’re sending clothes I’m a large in t-shirts, XL for hoodies and 34-30 in pants. Amazon messes up sizes when it’s added to the list.

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Intrinsic Usability

I created IU to help companies to develop accessible products and services.
IU is developing an accessible navigation app for the blind called Reference Point Navigation. It will revolutionize the way people with visual impairment travel granting better independence using smart phones.

Check out IU’s Go Fund me.