Come join us on Reddit where we’ll hangout as a community. Share your thoughts on different topics, show us videos and pictures of your pets and earn rewards and badges. Oreo and I will make a weekly post journaling our life. I’ll also share my different writings and all that.

Please read the rules listed below. You’ll need to be signed into your Reddit account to join the DB community.

Join the Disability Buddies community on Reddit!


Please read these rules before joining us. These rules should be treated as a guideline and are by no means the full list. I will try to update them as we need to define them further. We will handle things with equality and listen to all sides.

  1. Common respect:
    We all come from different walks of life and we’ll have differing opinions on different topics. I ask that you treat others as you’d want to be treated. It’s okay to disagree and to argue with each other but please realize there’s a point where the conversation needs to end.
    If you’re bullying or making personal attacks it’s time to step away from the conversation. If you’re being attacked or feel you’re being trolled please report it to the mods.
  2. Absolutely no child porn:
    If I or mods find a single post related to child porn you will be removed, reported to reddit and reported to the police. Exploitation of children is a horrible thing and we will do whatever we can to get you arrested.
  3. No spam, scams or trolling:
    I and the mods will block posts and users that attempt to flood the community with spam, scams and attacks by trolls. If you’re a scammer or a troll go ahead and get your life in order and be a better person.
  4. Sales and promoting:
    We ask that you limit your posts related to your businesses and social media accounts to one a week. We want you to show off your products and promote your hobbies but we would appreciate it if you keep it limited to one post a week.
    If you’re pushing scams or pyramid schemes you will be kicked out of the community. If you’re trying to get other people to join your business to sell your products you’re probably in a pyramid scheme.
    We aren’t responsible for any sales that occur between community members and simply serve as a gathering place. Please use caution when buying things from people online and practice good personal security.
  5. Liability:
    By joining the Disability Buddies community on Reddit you’re liable for your safety and actions. The mods and I will do our best to remove problematic people but by joining the community you’re responsible for your own safety. Any actions you take to harm the community will be dealt with to keep the community safe.
    By joining the community you agree that you can’t hold the mods or myself liable.

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