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Hello my fellow human perches. I’m going to build Oreo my one footed buddy his own platform play gym. He uses his beak as a hand or foot and uses it to climb ladders and perches. He has trouble balancing but near every perch or risky area I place beak holds via knotted ropes.
So things I’ve thought of.
Round perches should be filed with a flat side for his stubby,
Perches need to be different sizes and textures,
Splintered wood needs to be easy to replace without causing structure failure,
Platform wood or material needs covering to protect stubby,
Will use rope and drilled holes to hold most of it together,
Wrapped rope will serve as grip and beak texture,
Platforms of different sizes and heights with safety rails,
Bathing pool on the bottom,
Water dish with constant cycling,
Notches and holes for foraging enrichment,
Multiple methods of attaching toys and puzzles,
One or two platforms will serve as hideouts,
LED lights on timers to help with sleep cycle,
Hammock style swing,
Weighted lift that Oreo can operate safely to move up and down,
Safe wood for building,
All parts used need to be parrot friendly,
Maybe parrot friendly plants growing on the structure,
Debris and poop collection tray or gutter,
Camera for monitoring and communication,
Heating system to keep area at a comfortable temp,
I’m having trouble sourcing parrot safe wood and can’t figure out where to obtain nontreated wood. If you have any sources shoot me an E-mail please.
If you can think of something I forget please let me know. I want to make Oreo a pretty awesome playground. I will be customizing like crazy so buying a premade one just isn’t going to work. I need to build an adaptable easy to change gym.
Thank you!
Oreo and Zack
E-mail me with any resources or ideas

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