Parrots are amazing beings who have unique personalities. I’ve put this page together to help parrot owners or those who might be looking for a parrot. If you’d like to add a resource E-mail me at

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Owning a parrot

I was raised around parrots from a very young age and I’m still learning about them. Parrots should never be kept as pets and you should never purchase one from a breeder. Breeders promote the exotic pet trade and put parrots in the hands of people who don’t realize what they’re getting into. If you’re going to get a parrot use a rescue. They typically know way more about the parrot than the breeder. the birds have had medical work ups and their behavior has been evaluated.
Parrots can out live you, Oreo for example can live up to 80 years. So if you own a long lived species you need to plan for the care of your friend after you die. On average parrots get rehomed 7 times during their life, bouncing from owner to owner. This could be caused by biting, aggressive behavior, noisy habits and foul language.

Parrots haven’t been bred to be friends with humans like dogs. We’re giants who expect the parrot to love and adore our attention. Parrots are going to bite when they feel threatened which can cause severe wounds including missing fingers or large cuts. You don’t need to train the parrot, you need to train yourself and manage expectations.