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As the Holiday season approaches I always think back to my time in the hospital during Christmas as a 6 year old fighting a brain tumor. I was far away from family with only my Dad able to be with me. I missed Grandma’s big Christmas dinner, I didn’t get to hang out with all of my cousins or open presents next to a decorated tree. My family was struggling to really buy presents that year, most of the money my Dad had was being used to pay for travel to and from the hospital, food and other expenses the medical insurance wouldn’t cover.

So this year I want to do my best to brighten the holidays for kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital! By getting them a gift you’ll help them have a distraction from the constant noise of medical monitors, you’ll give them a way to fight the boredom and you’ll help them find happiness in a very scary time. These kids are sitting in a room, unable to leave with very few people to interact with. Especially with covid restrictions they’re lucky if they’re able to see family at all. So help them feel connected and loved.

Amazon Wish List

the best way to give them a gift is via the Childrens Hospital Amazon Wish List. Your gift will be delivered to the hospital and handed out to the kids on Christmas. It’s super easy!

Click here for the Amazon Wish List

Anyone who spends a hundred dollars or more and E-mails me proof by forwarding me an amazon receipt will be part of a special video!
E-mail me at

Amazon Smile

You can also help out by shopping via Amazon Smile.
Amazon Smile

If you want to learn more or find other ways to donate check out their donation page. It has a couple more donation methods and explains their covid restrictions.

Click here for their donation page

Mail Your Gifts

If you don’t use Amazon or can’t. the next best thing is to buy new unopened items and mail it to the hospital. they ask that you don’t send handmade items or gently used items because of Covid. Mail your gifts to the address below.

New toys and items purchased can be mailed directly to:

Seattle Children’s Volunteer Services
M/S RC.3.800
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Thank You!

I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve visited this page and to those of you who donate or spread the message. As a child who grew up in hospitals it can be extremely hard on the kiddos and their parents. Every little bit we do helps and I truly want to make a difference. I will always use my voice to help others and especially for something like this, it’s so important!

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